Tide (2016-2017) is a series of pictures that documents the process of interaction between man-made infrastruture and the sea. Part of an interventive measure in a section of the northern portuguese coastline, the reconstruction of the shore using artificial ground was implemented using geotextile bags of sand to prevent the local ecosystem against the erosion of the tide. These pictures were taken two years after the implementation, nowadays the site no longer exists. Tide is the point where the sea becomes tangible, concrete, an actuality. Part of a body of work that looks at the constructed environment as a means to articulate the relationship between man and nature, the world and the cosmos. 
- Exhibitions
2019 Embassy of Brazil, London, UK / VIA Arts Prize shortlist 2019
2018 Freerange Shows, London, UK / LIOP show 2018
- Press
2018 The Highlight of Freerange, Elephant: Online
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